Matthew Lee Culek, ’08

Head of Business Management, Citadel Securities

Matt Culek

Matt Culek is a managing director at Citadel Securities, where he is the head of business management and leads the Office of the CEO. Culek and his team work closely with the CEO on business and firm-level strategy, driving key business decisions, setting firm priorities, creating business analytics, and launching new businesses across Citadel Securities globally. Matt first joined Citadel Securities in 2012 as the chief operating officer for Citadel Execution Services.

Earlier in his career, Culek served as an associate principal at McKinsey & Company and as a capital markets associate at Lehman Brothers. He received his MBA in 2008 from Chicago Booth, with a focus on analytic finance and economics. He completed his BS in 2002 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, majoring in mathematics and physics.