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On a Mission

When he arrived on vacation in Italy in 2011, Sam Porritt, ’86, was looking forward to a week of wine tasting and exploring Tuscany. But his attempt to photograph the first sunrise from the Tuscan villa where he was staying changed his life. Porritt lost his footing and tumbled off a 15-foot wall after taking the photo with his phone. “I took a step and there was nothing under my foot,” he recalled. The fall injured his spinal cord and paralyzed him from the waist down. After two hours on the ground, he was flown via helicopter to an Italian hospital for emergency surgery. He arrived back in the United States nearly three weeks later. Back home in Kansas City, Kansas, he learned what life was like in a wheelchair. Doctors weren’t sure whether he’d ever walk again. <br/>


The Art of Thinking

Amid the daily hustle and bustle of Harper Center’s ground floor atrium, it’s easy to miss the hot-pink neon sign perched on the side of a walkway bridge. Written in Chinese script, the glowing characters twinkle at their radiant companion on the opposite wall—a vibrant, neon-green sign, articulating a saying in Spanish. Though their languages differ, the signs share the same meaning: “Foreigners Everywhere.” Both colorful installations reside in the Rothman Winter Garden, beckoning curious passersby to reflect on their deeper meaning, against the architectural backdrop of a world-class business school. Created by French art collective Claire Fontaine, these works are just two examples of a remarkable, 500-piece contemporary art collection housed at the Charles M. Harper Center.<br/>


The Real World

When Bernie Ocampo, ’05, first arrived at Booth, there was a seeming lack of real estate focus. After some quick research, he discovered plenty of alumni in the real estate arena. They just needed someone to bring them together. “I spent a year digging around in the database, compiling the most accomplished alumni I could find,” Ocampo said. “After a year, I invited these folks to be advocates or sponsors, with the idea of building a community.” In 2006, Ocampo helped found the Real Estate Alumni Group (REAG), a global network of alumni led by Ocampo and multiple regional co-chairs based in Chicago, New York, and California.