2002 Distinguished Alumni Awards

"The Power Is in the Enterprise"

Save More Tomorrow

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2002 Distinguished Alumni Awards
(386K PDF )
Being successful in the food industry can take many forms—bringing an ethnic product from a neighborhood restaurant to nationwide chains, finding the perfect blend of household brands to sweep the market, and turning a vending business into America's largest concession company. The winners of this year's Distinguished Alumni Awards have taken different paths in the same field with outstanding results.

Arthur Velasquez, '67
Distinguished Public Service/Public Sector Alumnus

Charles "Dick" Shoemate, '71
Distinguished Corporate Alumnus

Joseph Neubauer, '65
Distinguished Entrepreneurial Alumnus

By Patricia Briske

"The Power Is in the Enterprise" (218K PDF)
With his first year as dean behind him, Edward A. Snyder talks about the road ahead.
By Melissa M. Bernardoni
Save More Tomorrow (83K PDF)
Many Americans find it hard to save for retirement, but professor Richard Thaler has come up with a way for employees to divert future income for a savings plan.
By Jessamine Chan
A Business of Relationships (67K PDF)
Judy Boynton, '78
As chief financial officer at Royal Dutch/Shell, Judy Boynton, '78, finds her role extends well beyond finance.
By Jennifer Vanasco
Resurgence of the Roundtable (540K PDF)
Business advice abounds, but what's it worth? Much more when it comes from experts and Chicago GSB.

By Patricia Briske


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