Winter 2007


CoverThe Cost of War

How much will the ongoing conflict in Iraq cost U.S. taxpayers? Less than an indefinite policy of containment, according to research by professors Steven Davis, Kevin Murphy, and Robert Topel. Plus: Austan Goolsbee on rebuilding the Middle East.

by Steven Friess | more >>

Focused on the Future A Conversation with Robert Fogel

At the age of 80, Robert Fogel is looking ahead. The economic historian talks about his research, his interracial marriage, and how the field of economics has changed over the last 50 years.

by Patricia Houlihan | more >>

Critical DialoguesGuiding the Global Economy

Professor Raghuram Rajan talks with dean Edward Snyder about his tenure as economic counselor and director of research at the International Monetary Fund.

by Melissa M. Bernardoni | more >>

Capital IdeasBuying Strawberries in Winter

Research by Christian Broda examines the increase in availability of international foods due to global trade—and the benefits to U.S. consumers.

by Jessamine Chan | more >>

Faculty Digest

When More Is Worse: How Choosing Affects Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction doesnt always increase—and could even suffer—when customers are given a choice of products instead of having one picked for them, according to research by behavioral scientist Ann McGill. Plus: Find out what faculty are reading.

By Mary Sue Penn and Anthony Ruth | more >>

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