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B. Peter Pashigian

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Pashigian's Research and Writing
The late B. Peter Pashigian spent more than 30 years at Chicago GSB, studying the way industries organize and operate and teaching courses in microeconomics, applied price theory, industrial organization, and government regulation.

Pashigian authored three books--The Distribution of Automobiles: An Economic Analysis of the Franchise System (Prentice-Hall, 1961); The Changing Role of the Corporate Attorney (Lexington Books, 1982); and Price Theory and Applications (McGraw-Hill, 1994)--and served as coeditor of the Journal of Business.

Pashigian also wrote several groundbreaking studies on the politics of pollution regulations. In the 1980s, he wrote "The Political Economy of the Clean Air Act: Regional Self-Interest in Environmental Legislation" for the Center for the Study of American Business and "Environmental Regulation: Whose Self-Interests Are Being Protected?" for Economic Inquiry.--M.M.B.

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