Alumni Encourage Establishment of Asian Campus
With the support of alumni, Chicago established a new Graduate School of Business campus in Singapore to teach an international executive M.B.A. program.

Raising the Bar on Goals
Goals are powerful motivators used by many managers, but getting the most mileage out of goals means managing risk and expectation and understanding how goals work.
By Richard Larrick, George Wu, and Chip Heath

Defining Experience: Alumni Find XP a Catalyst for Change
Members of the Executive M.B.A. Program’s sixty-third class talk about why they came to Chicago, what has changed in the five years since graduation, and how the M.B.A. experience affected how they think about careers, business, and success.




A letter from Dean Hamada

The Alumnae Survey
Chicago faculty uncover attitudes about work and family.



Alumni club facility to open in downtown Chicago. Read about it in GSB News.

Does Chicago make the grade? New Searchlight Survey measures student satisfaction?

Alumni share their stories of virtual corporations.



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Economics takes center stage in Bernstein's comedy show.

Zollinger courts challenge as a litigation-related business and economic consultant.

Preventing maritime tragedy is Purio's passion.
Schulson gets a taste of success in a fast-food venture.


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