CHICAGO ALUMNI ARE WORLD LEADERS IN BUSINESS. They set and redefine corporate strategies, envision and execute bold new ventures, and provide tireless service to the public through government and nonprofit entities. Each year, the GSB honors the outstanding achievements of alumni in the corporate, entrepreneurial, and public service sectors with the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Alumni are selected by a committee of fellow graduates to receive the awards, which recognize ongoing contributions rather than a single event or success. The recipients are honored at the annual Alumni Celebration in October.

This year, Philip J. Purcell III, ’67, chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, is the distinguished corporate alumnus; Ernest Wish, XP-29 (’71), chairman of WRM Incorporated, is the distinguished public service alumnus; and David Booth, ’71, and Rex Sinquefield, ’72, cofounders of Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc., are the distinguished entrepreneurial alumni.

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