Illustration of otters
Illustrations by Gluekit

Their Otter Favorites

We asked three Booth alumnae in the C-suite of Chicago cultural institutions to name their favorite exhibit at work. Their answers provide a window into their worlds.

Marcia Heuser, ’87
Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO at the Adler Planetarium

Favorite Artifact: The Historic Atwood Sphere, Chicago’s oldest planetarium, dating back to 1913, which is housed inside the Adler

Photo of the sphere The Historic Atwood Sphere at the Adler Planetarium

“The sphere reminds us how we’ve always used technology to understand what is around us.

This was technology from 1913 that allowed people to experience what they understood about the universe and about the stars in the sky. It seems pretty simple by today’s standards, but that is what technology is: using what you have at the time to help you understand what is around you. I love the fact that it is still relevant today. It’s quirky, and people love going in it and hearing about the universe.”

Joyce Simon, ’75
Executive Vice President/CFO at the Shedd Aquarium

Illustration of otters The sea otters at the Shedd Aquarium

Favorite Animal: The sea otter, five of whom live at the Shedd, in the Regenstein Sea Otter Habitat


“I don’t necessarily have a favorite spot within the aquarium. I certainly have a favorite animal, the sea otter, which has personality traits that are similar to mine. Sea otters are like me because they are inquisitive and can be seen as troublemakers. And they like bling.”


Rose Fealy, ’89
Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO at the Museum of Science and Industry

Illustration of a robot Robot Revolution at the Museum of Science and Industry

Favorite Exhibit: Robot Revolution, the museum’s national touring exhibit, a cutting-edge collection of robots from around the world

“It’s a challenge to think about what the world will look like in 10 or 20 years, when a lot of our personal care potentially could be done by robots, and a lot of medical enhancements could be driven by robots. Robot Revolution is a great foundational exhibit that explores some of the future-looking trends that we will see before we know it.”

—By Deborah Ziff