Winter 2019
Cover of Chicago Booth Magazine's Winter 2020 issue with Dr. Stacy Tessler Lindau, AM '02 and Rachel Kohler, '89


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Marcel Erni
Fall 2019

Cover Story : Partners Group Cofounder Marcel Erni on What Matters Most

From a tiny office in a quiet Alpine town, Erni, ’91, and two close friends started their firm in search of something far more elusive than wealth or success—true happiness.

CBM cover Spring 2019
Spring 2019

Cover Story : To Frontiers Unknown

Braintree founder Bryan Johnson, ’07 (XP-76), has a track record of recognizing coming revolutions. Now he is turning his attention to two bold ventures that tackle humanity's most pressing problems.

Chicago Booth Magazine Winter 2019
Winter 2019

Cover Story: All In for Investors

From his very first forays into investing, Kunal Kapoor, ’04, was drawn to reading Morningstar analysts, who weren’t afraid to speak their minds. Amid a two-decade career at the firm that’s taken him from an analyst to its CEO, Kapoor remains committed to the value of independence, all in service of delivering the best research to investors everywhere. Says Kapoor, “We stand for something different.”

Chicago Booth Magazine Fall 2018
Fall 2018

Cover Story: The Innovator

Sally Grimes, ’97, built her career on pushing the innovation envelope. Now a leader at Tyson Foods, she’s changing the paradigm around what it means to be a big food company.

spring 2018
Spring 2018

Cover Story: Building on Big Ideas

A century ago, USG’s landmark product forever changed how buildings are built. It’s a legacy of innovation that inspires Jennifer Scanlon, ’92—the company’s first female CEO—as she looks to the future of the industry.

winter 2018 cover
Winter 2018

Cover Story: Investing for Social Impact

Marrying a disciplined approach to investing with a drive to create measurable social impact—and bolstered by the mission-driven Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation—alumni, students, and faculty at Booth are leveraging their finance skills to make a better world.

fall 2017
Fall 2017

Cover Story: Kernels of Wisdom

As his family company, Japan Corn Starch Co., celebrates its 150th anniversary, fifth-generation president and CEO Soichiro “Sean” Kurachi, ’85, looks to his daughter to further the family’s vision of entrepreneurship and invention.

spring 2017 cover
Spring 2017

Cover Story: On the Ball

Building on the 15-year relationship between Chicago Booth and NBA Hall of Fame basketball player Yao Ming, Yao Capital CEO and cofounder David Han, ’02, sees a bright future for his sports-focused private equity firm—in China and worldwide.

winter 2017 cover
Winter 2017

Cover Story: On a Mission

Social impact takes on a special sense of urgency when the cause is deeply personal. Meet three alumni who turned challenging life experiences into full-fledged organizations working to change the world.

fall 2016 cover
Fall 2016

Cover Story: Grace Under Pressure

Shaped by Milton Friedman, president and CEO Joel Gay, ’10 (XP-79), led small-cap Energy Recovery in licensing a hydraulic pumping technology that just may be a multibillion-dollar disruption in the fracking industry.

spring 2016
Spring 2016

Cover Story: Fintech at the Crossroads

Technology’s rapid disruption of incumbent financial systems has startups thinking big, and big banks thinking like startups. But will consumers ultimately come along for the ride?

winter 2016
Winter 2016

Cover Story: Field Position

The NFL passes no more. As football warms to what Moneyball-style stats have done for MLB, Booth alumni and faculty are changing the way the game is played.

fall 2015 cover
Fall 2015

Cover Story: The Next Generation of Enterprise

As entrepreneurship becomes the No. 1 concentration at Booth, the signature program is mentoring a new generation of successes such as Coco Meers, ’14.