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Spring 2018 


Spring 2018

Cover Story: Building on Big Ideas
A century ago, USG’s landmark product forever changed how buildings are built. It’s a legacy of innovation that inspires Jennifer Scanlon, ’92—the company’s first female CEO—as she looks to the future of the industry.


Spring 2018 


Winter 2018

Cover Story: Investing for Social Impact
Marrying a disciplined approach to investing with a drive to create measurable social impact—and bolstered by the mission-driven Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation—alumni, students, and faculty at Booth are leveraging their finance skills to make a better world.


Fall 2017 


Fall 2017

Cover Story: Kernels of Wisdom
As his family company, Japan Corn Starch Co., celebrates its 150th anniversary, fifth-generation president and CEO Soichiro “Sean” Kurachi, ’85, looks to his daughter to further the family’s vision of entrepreneurship and invention.


Spring 2016 


Spring 2017

Cover Story: On the Ball
Building on the 15-year relationship between Chicago Booth and NBA Hall of Fame basketball player Yao Ming, Yao Capital CEO and cofounder David Han, ’02, sees a bright future for his sports-focused private equity firm—in China and worldwide.


Fall 2016 


Winter 2017

Cover Story: On a Mission
Social impact takes on a special sense of urgency when the cause is deeply personal. Meet three alumni who turned challenging life experiences into full-fledged organizations working to change the world.


Fall 2016 


Fall 2016

Cover Story: Grace Under Pressure
Shaped by Milton Friedman, president and CEO Joel Gay, ’10 (XP-79), led small-cap Energy Recovery in licensing a hydraulic pumping technology that just may be a multibillion-dollar disruption in the fracking industry.


Spring 2016 


Spring 2016

Cover Story: Fintech at the Crossroads
Technology’s rapid disruption of incumbent financial systems has start-ups thinking big, and big banks thinking like start-ups. But will consumers ultimately come along for the ride?


Winter 2016 


Winter 2016

Cover Story: Field Position
The NFL passes no more. As football warms to what Moneyball-style stats have done for MLB, Booth alumni and faculty are changing the way the game is played.




Fall 2015

Cover Story: The NVC at 20
As entrepreneurship becomes the No. 1 concentration at Booth, the signature program is mentoring a new generation of successes such as Coco Meers, ’14.




Spring 2015

Cover Story: Citizen Scholar
In his 50 years on the Booth faculty, professor John P. "Jack" Gould, MBA '63, PhD '66, has revealed his magic touch. As dean, he updated the school's curriculum, led an international expansion, and paved the way for Gleacher Center.




Winter 2015

Cover Story: Beyond Service
The Booth community empowers a small but elite group of students in their transition from military service to careers at blue-chip companies, start-ups, and nonprofits.



Fall 2014

Cover Story: A Wider Footprint in Asia
With the launch of the Executive MBA Program in Hong Kong, Booth is poised to extend its influence. 

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Cover Story: Urgency and Patience
Satya Nadella, ’97, is charged with bringing change to Microsoft. The new CEO knows revitalization will take measured, but nimble thinking.

Winter 2014

Winter 2014

Cover Story: Paving the Way
Meet five women pioneers in the demanding world of high finance: Susan Elolampi, ’01; Roxanne Martino, ’88; Karen Parkhill ’92; Linnea Conrad Roberts, ’90; and Jeanette Wong, ’02 (AXP-1)

Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Cover Story: The Substance of Booth
Booth celebrates the remarkable 50-year careers of professors Eugene F. Fama, MBA '63, PhD '64, and Harry L. Davis.

Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Cover Story: In Command of the Numbers
CFO Mark Loughridge, '82, discusses how he saw IBM back from the brink, how smart acquisitions revitalize big brands, and what keeps him up at night.

Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Cover Story: A Place at the Table
During the economic turmoil of the past decade, Booth professors have been in high demand by government officials around the world. Behind the scenes and in front of microphones, they shape public policy.

Summer 2012

Fall 2012

Cover Story: The 2012 Distinguished Alumni Awards
This year's awards put the spotlight on a seasoned consumer goods marketer, a serial entrepreneur, an economist fighting global poverty, and an international television programmer.

Summer 2012

Summer 2012

Cover Story: Opening New Routes
How Scott Griffith, '90, CEO of Zipcar, drove car sharing to the mainstream.

Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Cover Story: The Generation of the First Index Fund
Key figures from Chicago Booth played a critical role in the origin of an investment tool that would change the world of finance forever.

Spring/Summer 2011

Fall 2011/Winter 2012

Cover Story: The 2011 Distinguished Alumni Awards
How four Chicago Booth alumni found success in the fields of consumer products, ceramics manufacturing, socially driven enterprise, and health care policy to win the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

Spring/Summer 2011

Spring/Summer 2011

Cover Story: Why Refs Are Biased
Taking econometrics to the sports arena, professor Tobias Moskowitz's data-driven analysis dispels age-old myths, debunks legends, and reveals hidden truths.

Winter 2011

Winter 2011

Cover Story: Critical Dialogues
Professor Raghuram Rajan, author of the Financial Times best business book of 2010, Fault Lines, talks with professor Brian Barry about the causes of the financial crisis—and the threats that remain.

Winter 2010

Fall 2010

Cover Story: The 2010 Distinguished Alumni Awards
How Chicago Booth alumni found success in the airline industry, the health care business, the retail sector, and the governor's mansion to win the 2010 Distinguished Alumni Awards. 

Winter 2010

Spring/Summer 2010

Cover Story: A Fan Takes Over
Longtime Chicago Cubs fan Tom Ricketts, AB '87, MBA '93, talks about what it took to buy Major League Baseball's iconic team. Plus: Professor Tobias Moskowitz analyzes the deal.

Winter 2010

Winter 2010

Cover Story: Business Forecast 2010: An End to the Recession or a Stalled Recovery?
Unemployment will hover around 9.5 percent, and real housing prices will continue to drop. But faculty panelists at Business Forecast 2010 predicted economic growth in the year ahead, even as political mistrust continues to rise.


 Summer/Fall 2009 Summer/Fall 2009
Cover Story: 2009 Distinguished Alumni Awards
How four Chicago Booth alumni tackled government corruption, beat the market downturn, changed public education through technology, and returned a firm to employee ownership to win the 2009 Distinguished Alumni Awards
 Spring 2009

Spring 2009
Cover Story: A Revolution in Marketing
From developing strategy to measuring data-rich results, Chicago Booth's longtime approach to marketing is rising in prominence. Now data from Nielsen is putting the school at the forefront of the field.

 Winter 2009

Winter 2009
Cover Story: David Booth, '71, Makes History
Introducing the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. An unprecedented gift brings a new name — and a new momentum.

 Summer/Fall 2008

Summer/Fall 2008
Cover Story: 2008 Distinguished Alumni Awards
How four Booth alumni expanded health care, created new industries, mastered both investment and commercial banking, and turned red ink to black to win the 2008 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

 Spring 2008

Spring 2008
Cover Story: Citizenship for Sale?
What if the United States began charging $50,000 a person for the legal right to immigrate?

 Winter 2008

Winter 2008
Cover Story: Behind the Bling:The truth about sterotypes on spending
Why blacks and Hispanics spend 30 percent more than whites on clothing, cars, and jewelry, according to research by Erik Hurst and Kerwin Charles.

 Summer/Fall 2007

Summer/Fall 2007
Who is Craig Nakagawa? Why you should care about him and the other 2007 Distinguished Alumni.

Spring 2007

Spring 2007
With a grant from the Templeton Foundation to the Center for Decision Research, the next generation of behaviorist faculty goes beyond conventional research topics to study "the good life."

Winter 2007

Winter 2007
Cover Story The Cost of War: At What Price, War? Or, for that matter, At What Price, Peace?
How much will the ongoing conflict in Iraq cost U.S. taxpayers? Less than an indefinite policy of containment, according to research by professors Steven Davis, Kevin Murphy, and Robert Topel. Plus: Austan Goolsbee on rebuilding the Middle East.

Summer/Fall 2006

Summer/Fall 2006
Cover Story A Winning Approach: The 2006 Distinguished Alumni Awards
Distinguished Corporate Alumni Award: John Edwardson, 72 ; Distinguished Entrepreneurial Alumni Award: Jaithirth (Jerry) Rao, 81 ; Distinguished Young Alumni Award: Julie Roehm, 95 ; Distinguished Public Service/Public Sector Award: David Vitale, 76 .

Spring 2006

Spring 2006
Cover Story New Venture Challenge: The Competitive Edge
When Chicago Booth students competed in the Edward L. Kaplan New Venture Challenge in May, it marked the 10th year for the annual business plan competition, which has launched 25 new companies that have drawn more than $50 million in funding.

Winter 2006
Cover Story The Economist Next Door
Professor Kevin Murphy , winner of a 2005 MacArthur "genius grant," talks about research, teaching, and life in the suburbs.

Fall 2005
Cover Story Excellence Around the Globe: The 2005 Distinguished Alumni Awards
Kateryna Yushchenko, 86 , Distinguished Public Service/Public Sector Alumni Award
Thomas Ricketts, 93 , Distinguished Young Alumni Achievement Award
Kathryn Gould, 78 , Distinguished Entrepreneurial Alumni Award
Jaime Chico Pardo, 74 , Distinguished Corporate Alumni Award

Spring/Summer 2005
Cover Story The State of Investment Banking
Three Wall Street leaders weigh in on the industry.
Brady Dougan, AB '81, MBA '82
Thomas Kalaris, '78
Warren Spector, '83

Winter 2005
Cover Story A Successful Approach: The 2004 Distinguished Alumni Awards
They took different paths to the top, but each 2OO4 Distinguished Alumni Award winner achieved the kind of success that is a hallmark of Chicago Booth.

Summer/Fall 2004
Cover Story Chicago Booth Hyde Park Center Realized
Take a look at the new 415,000-square-foot center, which opened on time for the 2004-5 academic year.

Spring 2004
Cover Story In God We Trust
Research by professor Luigi Zingales takes a new look at the link between religious beliefs and economics to help explain why some countries prosper while others struggle.

Winter 2004
Cover Story 2003Distinguished Alumni Awards
The 2003 DAA winners—including the recipient of a new award for young alumni—come from diverse corners of the business world, illustrating the depth and breadth of Chicago Booth.

Cover Story WhyJamal Can't Get a Job
Employers discriminate againstjob applicants with African American-sounding names, accordingto research by professor Marianne Bertrand.

Cover Story GoingPublic
Life changed in a New Yorkminute for Andy Alper, A.B. '80, M.B.A. '81 , when he leftGoldman Sachs to head up the city's Economic Development Corporation.

Cover Story 2002 Distinguished Alumni Awards
Being successful in the food industry can take many forms—bringingan ethnic product from a neighborhood restaurant to nationwidechains, finding the perfect blend of household brands to sweepthe market, and turning a vending business into America's largestconcession company. The winners of this year's Distinguished AlumniAwards have taken different paths in the same field with outstandingresults.

Cover Story A Winning Venture
A gift from Michael P. Polsky, '87, gives entrepreneurshipa boost at the GSB, where students turn classroom projects intoactual companies year after year.

Cover Story Building Equity
More than 500 peopleturned out May 18 to see the first spade of dirt turned at 5807South Woodlawn Avenue. Thats the site where a 415,000-squarefootstructure will house the GSBs Hyde Park facilities under oneroof for the first time in more than fifty years.

Cover Story What's Next?
The Economic Effects of September 11

Was October too soon to predict the economic fallout from September11? Not for three University of Chicago professors who venturedto estimate the damage done by the terrorist attacks and predictthe rate of recovery at a time when Alan Greenspan was still silent.

Cover Story 2001 Distinguished Alumni Awards Chicago Booth annually presents its Distinguished Alumni Awards,recognizing outstanding contributions to the corporate, entrepreneurial,and public service arenas.

Cover Story From Wall Street to Washington A self-proclaimed progressive, the former head of Goldman Sachsadopts a senatorial style of giving.

winter-spring 2001

Cover Story The Legacy of Retiring Dean Robert S. Hamada In the eight years Robert S. Hamada has served as dean of ChicagoGSB, the school expanded into Europe and Asia, gained two Nobellaureates, and launched a $175 million, five-year comprehensivecampaign. As he retires, his colleagues recall his achievements.

fall 2000

Cover Story Recognizing Achievement ChicagoGSB alumni are world leaders in business. Each year, the GSB honorsthe outstanding achievements of alumni in the corporate, entrepreneurial,and public service sectors with the Distinguished Alumni Awards.

summer 2000

Cover Story Merton Miller: A Giant of Modern Finance Miller's colleagues, friends, and former students recallthe man and his lifetime of achievements.

spring 2000

Cover Story MakingHistory In March the school kicked off a five-year capital campaign that includesplans for an integrated GSB campus that will bring classrooms,faculty offices, research space, and GSB support services underone roof for the first time.

winter 2000

Cover Story Redefining Retirement Work--paidand volunteer--plays a prominent role in the lives of six alumniwho have no intention of slowing down.

fall 1999

Cover Story 1999 Distinguished Alumni Awards Chicago alumni are world leaders in business. They set and redefinecorporate strategies, envision and excute bold new ventures, andprovide tireless service to the public through government andnonprofit entities.

summer 1999

Cover Story The Business of Faith Alumni pursuing religious vocations encounter many of the samechallenges as their secular counterparts.

spring 1999

Cover Story Singapore--Alumni Encourage Establishment of Asian Campus With the support of alumni, Chicago established a new GraduateSchool of Business campus in Singapore to teach an internationalexecutive M.B.A. program.

winter 1999

Cover Story What's Next? Will There Be Cities in the Virtual World? Will improved telecommunications technology make cities, and spaceitself, obsolete?

summer 1998

Cover Story Navigating Growth Startinga business is tough, but growing a business can be tougher. Onceyour good idea has taken off, how do you determine how fast youcan expand your business?

spring 1998

Feature Adams Scores Some Home Runs Running nine new technology start-ups taught Robert V. Adams thatventures are a whole new ball game.

winter 1998

Cover Story Adjusting Abroad Smart companieshelp the whole family acclimatize when transferring an employeeabroad.

fall 1997

Feature Wadsworth Aims to Get China Right China is the biggest, most potentially explosive emerging marketin the world, and Jack Wadsworth is in prime position to takeadvantage of it.

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