Do the anomalies revealed through long-term stock return studies mean market efficiency is dead? Eugene Fama's answer is a firm no.



What’s the secret to a well-crafted web site? How do you avoid expensive, time-consuming pitfalls that frustrate site users and your potential customers?



We received the wonderful news that Myron Scholes, M.B.A. ’64, Ph.D. ’70, won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences–the first GSB alumnus to do so!

It is time for the members of the classes of 1983, 1988, 1993, and 1996 to make plans to return to Hyde Park for their reunions May 1­2. If you would like to join the planning committee for your class, please e-mail alumni@gsb.uchicago.edu.



On October 17, we held an alumni party and more than 1,000 people came. Three alumni were singled out for special recognition as the 1997 Distinguished Alumni Awards were presented.

The outlook for the coming economic year is relatively positive, but signs and portents suggest that the end of the current economic golden age is coming, experts predicted at the annual Business Forecast Lunch on December 3.

Dust flew this summer as the GSB underwent a whirlwind $4.3 million makeover–the most extensive in the school’s history.

YOUR 5-YEAR-OLD has been bitten by a spider and can barely move his foot, which has swelled to twice its normal size. Fearing the worst, you reach for the phone to consult a physician. But who do you call? You’re 4,000 miles from home. When you call a clinic, you connect with someone speaking a language you can’t understand.

“We didn’t know what to do or where to go,” says Johnson, ’88, who moved his family to Heidelberg to take a new position with Becton Dickinson.

Increasingly, companies are moving their employees abroad with families in tow. The already complicated task of moving an employee to another country–securing a visa and work permit, negotiating a compensation package, finding housing and transportation in the new country–becomes even more difficult when families are factored in.

Spouses who have given up a job in the United States may find themselves struggling to secure a post abroad or adjusting to a stay-at-home life. Some may start families far from the supportive circle of family and friends, hunting to find health care and schooling for their children.

A smart company helps their employees’ families overcome those struggles. Cornelius Grove of Cornelius Grove & Associates, a Brooklyn, New York-based firm that helps people with international adjustment, told the Wall Street Journal in January 1997 that dissatisfaction among spouses is the number one reason for early returns from international assignments. And early returns translate into extra expense to retrain and relocate a replacement...



- Group finance director Morris, '83, builds his equity
- Linguist Wilson, '54, finds success in publishing
- '97 grads spend summer globe-trotting
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Sunken Treasures Delay Smith’s Degree

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