Honey bees don't require complicated work flow studies to coordinate their labors. Neither will your workers if you adopt bucket brigades, a self-organizing sytem to manage work flow.

By Donald D. Eisenstein and
John J. Bartholdi II

The Xerox Corporation is king of copying, but when it began a new technology venture in 1989, the last thing Xerox wanted was a duplicate of its original business.

"Successfully running a venture capital firm is entirely different from anaging an established company," explains Robert V. Adams, ’61, executive vice president of Xerox Corporation and CEO of Xerox Technology Ventures.




A letter from Dean Hamada outlining four priorities for his second term.

Hamada's second term brings administrative changes.



The Gleacher Center dedication celebrates the GSB's downtown presence and the people that made it happen.

LEAD program revised to stress key skills.



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John Van Dyke's business is liquid.
Tobaccowala is a giant step ahead of the competition.
For Reiss, change equals fun.


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