Chicago Booth Magazine: Summer/Fall 2014
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Cover A Wider Footprint in Asia

With the launch of the Executive MBA Program in Hong Kong, Booth is poised to extend its influence

By Dan Kedmey and Judith Crown |

Making Headlines

Professor Matthew Gentzkow’s pioneering research on media earned him the John Bates Clark Medal for rising stars in economics.

By Amy Merrick |

Delivering a Start-Up Success

How New Venture Challenge winner Matt Maloney, SM '00, MBA '10, built GrubHub, one restaurant at a time.

By Susan Chandler |

Also featured: Managing the Money | The Workshop

Research Digest

A Flash of Insight

Associate professor Eric Budish’s proposal to slow down high-frequency trading has captured the attention of economists, investors, and regulators.

By Amy Merrick |

More Research Digest: Why Women Find It Harder to Get Math-Based JobsAirlines That Abandon Hedging Need It the Most | Call Centers Could Be Better Run | Monitoring a Borrower without Financial Statements | CEO Stock Options and Risk Taking | Bank Stress Tests | Awards and Honors | Appointments and Promotions

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