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Sanjay K. Dhar

"Each new fish and plant affects the whole tank."



Sanjay K. Dhar, James H. Lorie Professor of Marketing, applies a researcher's curiosity to the world of household pets, albeit the more exotic varieties. The "Dhar Zoo," as his house has become known, plays host to snakes, turtles, birds, and lizards. The main event for Dhar and his two children takes place in the family's five freshwater aquariums. With his son and daughter as lab assistants, Dhar, who was photographed at Chicago's Golden Aquarium by Chris Strong, tries out new species and aquarium arrangements. Crabs and crayfish once were introduced but had to be separated when squabbling ensued. Everyday aquarium maintenance starts to look a lot like academic inquiry, Dhar says, and as any researcher can tell you, the most interesting findings often are below the surface. "In an experiment, you take something that you think you know and then test it, one variable at a time." - Ally Batty

Last Updated 1/16/14