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Booth graduates continue to diversify in their career choices. The number of students heading for the fast-growing technology industry grew by almost 7 percentage points over the past five years, according to the Career Services Employment Report for the Full-Time class of 2013.

Financial services, which includes investment banking, investment management, and other sectors, remains the single biggest draw, although it has declined by almost 8 percentage points over the past five years. Investment banking, the single biggest sector in financial services, has declined by 7 percentage points as a result of declining student interest and the banks scaling back their recruiting efforts. The investment management, private-equity, and venture capital sectors, however, have gained in the same period.

Booth students in greater numbers joined tech giants such as Inc., Apple Inc., Google Inc., and Microsoft Corp. These companies only in the last several years have joined the list of major employers at Booth - those hiring four or more graduates.

Not surprisingly, the West Coast has become a top destination, with that region drawing 16.3 percent of Full-Time graduates, an increase from the 6.9 percent of students that headed West in 2009. The San Francisco Bay Area drew 10 percent of graduates, as compared to 4.4 percent five years ago. - Judith Crown

Last Updated 1/2/14