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Cover Paving the Way

Meet five women pioneers in the demanding world of high finance: Susan Elolampi, ’01; Roxanne Martino, ’88; Karen Parkhill ’92; Linnea Conrad Roberts, ’90; and Jeanette Wong, ’02 (AXP-1)

By Amy Merrick |

From Russia to Booth with Love

Moscow has a flourishing community of successful Booth alumni who do business with each other and feed a pipeline of promising students to the Executive MBA Program Europe

By Phil Thornton |

The Happiness Business

Booth start-ups explore better ways to date digitally

By Alexandra Batty |


Bankruptcy and Supply Chain Dynamics

Suppliers and competitors can help save a distressed company or accelerate its demise, according to research by professors John R. Birge and Rodney P. Parker

By Vanessa Sumo |

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