The Substance of Booth

This year, Chicago Booth celebrates the 50-year careers of two esteemed professors, Harry Davis and Eugene Fama. Though their fields differ, both question common wisdom, explore ideas, and pursue the facts wherever they lead. Davis has inspired generations with a dynamic teaching style and a gift for asking the right questions that guide students to reflect on management, leadership, and their own journeys. Fama, a giant of modern finance, developed the efficient market hypothesis, which forever changed the way investors and researchers view the stock market. His intellectual leadership and rigorous standards have strengthened the research of students and colleagues, attracted top talent, and enhanced the school's reputation. Davis and Fama started their academic careers at Booth as young faculty members and have shaped the school, its students, and their fields of inquiry with energy and curiosity. As we begin this academic year, we reflect on their careers and look forward to their future accomplishments.

Asking the Essential Questions

Professor Harry L. Davis led the creation of Booth's popular leadership curriculum and paved the way for the school's global expansion. Most importantly, he has inspired generations of students in his 50 years at Booth.

A Father of Modern Finance

Eugene F. Fama, the consummate researcher and teacher in his 50 years at Booth, changed the way generations look at the stock market. His rigorous standards have elevated the work of students and colleagues.

Last Updated 1/16/14