Stefano Giglio

"Writing and understanding music means digging deep into the structure of music and the way it affects us."



Stefano Giglio, assistant professor of finance, sees a common thread in research and music composition: the age-old need to understand and be understood. Economics research explores "the deep fundamental forces of the world around us," in essence, the effects of human behavior, Giglio said. Similarly, music composition is arguably most compelling when it evokes a universal human experience. The Italian-born Giglio, who was photographed at Ida Noyes Hall by Chris Strong, began playing violin at three and a half years old. He started composing in high school. As an economist, Giglio studies asset pricing, macroeconomics, and real estate. Since joining the Booth faculty in 2011, he saves his hard work for teaching and research: "Playing is pure gratification." - Ally Batty


Last Updated 1/16/14