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Cover The Substance of Booth

We celebrate the remarkable 50-year careers of professors Eugene F. Fama and Harry L. Davis.

Asking the Essential Questions

Professor Harry L. Davis led the creation of Booth's popular leadership curriculum and paved the way for the school's global expansion. Most importantly, he has inspired generations of students in his 50 years at Booth.

A Father of Modern Finance

Eugene F. Fama, the consummate researcher and teacher in his 50 years at Booth, changed the way generations look at the stock market. His rigorous standards have elevated the work of students and colleagues. 

By Rebecca Rolfes |

Capital Ideas: Improving Drug Trials to Save Lives

Professor John R. Birge and PhD student Vishal Ahuja are developing a model for clinical trials that could speed up research, save money, and get better treatment to patients. 

By Amy Merrick |

The Elusive Problem of Big Data

Students in the Management Lab cut through the hype in a study for Microsoft.

By Amy Merrick |


How Financial Companies Pushed Expensive Mortgages

Large lenders and underwriters misled both borrowers and securities investors during the ill-fated housing bubble. Research by professors Amit Seru and Gregor Matvos identifies some of the deceptive practices.

By Vanessa Sumo |

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