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Chris Yenkey

"The most interesting thing about getting to the top of a mountain is seeing what's on the other side."

Christopher Yenkey, assistant professor of organizations and strategy, likes to find new ways to look at the world, whether climbing 6,000-meter peaks in the Andes, flying into remote base camps in Alaska, or pursuing research on emerging markets. As a child, riding his bike in the rolling hills of central Kansas primed him for a career in discovery. "For me it was a very natural question to ask, 'What's over the next hill?'" He has summited peaks on four continents, but climbing can be a dangerous business, with threats of avalanches or falling rock. "You don't force your will, you do what the mountain allows you to do," Yenkey said. He applies that same spirit of inquiry to his research and asks his students to do the same: "Just as you have to listen to the mountain, you have to listen to the data. If you listen carefully, it can show you a new perspective on a complex problem." - Chelsea Vail


Photo by James Lawyer

Last Updated 1/16/14