Chicago Booth Magazine: Winter 2013
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Cover A Place at the Table

During the economic turmoil of the past decade, Booth professors have been in
high demand by government officials around the world. Behind the scenes and
in front of microphones, they shape public policy.

By Rebecca Rolfes |

Capital Ideas: A Better Bet

Research by professor Tobias Moskowitz shows how combining two proven investment strategies - value and momentum - yields more than the sum of the parts.

By Vanessa Sumo |

Building Digital Mass in Chicago

When the Second City needed a first-rate tech hub to feed the region's
restless entrepreneurial spirit, former Google executive Kevin Willer, '10 (XP-79),
stepped up to lead the way.

By David Greising |

Faculty Digest

Why We Bargain with Fate, One Good Deed at a Time

Professor Jane Risen reveals how we deal with uncertainty by subconsciously
making a deal to help others - whether we believe in karma or not.

By Dan Kedmey |

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