The 2012 Distinguished Alumni Awards

By Rebecca Rolfes
Photos by Matthew Gilson
Published: Fall 2012

Innovators. Critical thinkers. Problem solvers. Booth's newest group of distinguished alumni share those traits along with a passion to lead boldly in areas as diverse as antipoverty, pharmaceutical development, international media, and consumer marketing. Here are the inspiring stories of the winners of the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

2012 DAA


2012 Distinguished Corporate Alumni Award 

The Confidence-to-Competence Ratio

Patrick Doyle reversed the fortunes of Domino's Pizza by listening to customers, launching a better product, and fessing up to past mistakes.
PLUS: Professor Abbie Smith speaks with Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle about the pizza chain's comeback and Domino's use of social media in its marketing.



2012 Distinguished Entrepreneurial Alumni Award

Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Pape combines science and business in a quest to develop a new generation of disease-fighting drugs. 
PLUS: Professor Ellen Rudnick speaks with pharmaceutical entrepreneur Michael Pape about the challenges of starting and growing a business.



2012 Distinguished Public Service/Public Sector Alumni Award

A Stamp on the World

Dean Karlan applies economic theory and research to attacking one of the world's most elusive problems - global poverty. 
PLUS: Professor Chad Syverson talks with economist Dean Karlan about the application of academic research to alleviate global poverty.



2012 Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Network Star

Michael Armstrong has racked up more than 1 million frequent-flyer miles expanding Viacom's presence around the globe. His next challenge: building an international movie channel. 
PLUS: Professor Austan Goolsbee asks Michael Armstrong about the skills acquired at Booth and how he came to work internationally as senior vice president and general manager of BET International and Paramount Channel.

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