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Cover Presenting the 2012 DAA Winners

Booth alumni find success in reinventing pizza, battling poverty, bringing pharmaceuticals to market, and globalizing television networks. Meet Patrick Doyle, '88; Michael Pape, '06 (XP-75); Dean Karlan, '97; and Michael Armstrong, '02.

By Rebecca Rolfes |

Capital Ideas: Measuring Chance

Research by Eugene Fama compares luck and skill in mutual fund returns and finds that investors are better off selecting low-cost index funds instead of more expensive, actively managed funds. 

By Vanessa Sumo |

Capitalism in the Crosshairs

Luigi Zingales' latest book examines America's imperiled free enterprise system.

By J. Duncan Moore Jr. |

Faculty Digest

Conspicuous or Not, the Rich are Spending More

A new paper by professor Erik Hurst finds that consumption inequality is increasing along with the income gap between rich and poor, and that most other studies of the consumption gaps are based on faulty data.

By Dan Kedmey |

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