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Cover Opening New Routes

Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith, ’90,tells dean Sunil Kumarabout his journey steering an idealistic Boston-area start-up into an influential public company.

Edited by Judith Crown |

Capital Ideas Consumption Strikes Back

Research by John Heatonon the correlation between stock returns and expected future consumption offers a measure of long-run risk that proves fundamentals can drive risk premiums in the stock market.

By Vanessa Sumo |

Management Conference 2012 The Elusive Course to Alternative Fuels

Chicago Booth faculty and industry experts considered the future of alternative fuels and the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Breakout sessions discussed corporate tax policy and how data is best used to understand consumer shopping habits.

By Rick Popely, John Slania, and Duncan Moore |

Also featured: Tax Code Needs an Overhaul | Understanding How Shoppers Behave 

Faculty Digest

Balancing Desire and Self-Control in Everyday Life

A new paper by Wilhelm Hofmanninvestigates the temptations we struggle with the most - from indulging in food and sleep to compulsively checking email - and why we respond to them in the ways that we do.

By Erin O'Neill |

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