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Cover The Generation of the First Index Fund

Key figures from Chicago Booth played a critical role in the origin of an investment tool that would change the world of finance forever.

By Kate Ancell |

Capital Ideas: A Sharp Contraction

When a financial crisis follows a period of easy consumer credit, banks tighten credit and consumer spending drops. The resulting contraction can lead the economy into a "liquidity trap," according to research from Veronica Guerrieri.

By Vanessa Sumo |

Business Forecast & Economic Outlook 2012

Panels of Booth faculty and business leaders held around the world weigh in on the continuing impact of the Arab Spring and the Japan earthquake.

By Kalliope E. Dimitrakopoulos |

Faculty Digest

For CEOs, Persistence Pays Off

Steven Kaplan went in search of the qualities that make a good CEO. His findings? The most successful CEOs are those who are persistent, efficient, and proactive.

By Seth Maxon and Anthony Ruth |

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