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Cover Scorecasting

Taking econometrics to the sports arena, Tobias Moskowitz’s research dispels age-old myths, debunks legends, and changes not just the way we think about sports, but how we approach financial markets as well.

By Josh Schonwald |

Capital Ideas: Diverging Motives

Come merger time, cross-owning shareholders split their investment allegiances, voting in favor of mergers that increase the value of an acquiring company’s stock against the best interest of the target company, according to research by Gregor Matvos.

By Vanessa Sumo |

Management Conference 2011

Chicago Booth faculty and business experts weigh in on the seismic shift toward social media and what this means for business.

By Phil Rockrohr |

Faculty Digest

In Climate Change Debate, Perception Is Reality

Jane Risen finds that facilitating people’s ability to envision a future event can be more compelling in persuading them of its possibility than any scientific evidence.

By Kerry Mackenzie |

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