Back Story

"We'll never know how many kids didn't die or weren't injured because of our efforts. To me, this organization is Danny's legacy. Everything I do with KID is to honor him."

Linda Ginzel, clinical professor of managerial psychology, was photographed at the Kids In Danger (KID) office by Chris Strong. Following the tragic death of her toddler son, due to a faulty crib, Ginzel founded KID, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving children's product safety. After learning that the deadly crib had actually been recalled five years earlier but that neither the childcare provider, nor the state inspector–who had visited the facility just days before Danny's death–were aware of the danger it posed, Ginzel was spurred to action. In 2008, a portion of the legislation to increase pre-sale testing for children's products was named in Danny's honor. For more information, visit–E.O.


Last Updated 9/13/11