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Cover Critical Dialogues

Professor Raghuram Rajan, author of the Financial Times best business book of 2010, Fault Lines, talks with professor Brian Barry about the causes of the financial crisis—and the threats that remain.

By Patricia Houlihan and Melissa Bernardoni |

Success and the Serial Entrepreneur

After launching “the fastest-growing start-up ever,” Groupon cofounders headed to the classroom to teach at Chicago Booth.

By Patricia Houlihan |

CRSP Launches Investable Indexes

How Booth faculty helped create new groundbreaking products.

By Patricia Houlihan and Diane Treuthart |

Business Forecast 2011

Professors predict a  slow economic recovery will follow the boom.

By Phil Rockrohr |

Faculty Digest

How Online Shopping Reshapes an Industry

By 2004, it was clear that Americans had embraced online shopping, attracted by the ability to find the lowest prices, among other features. As a result, brick-and-mortar retailers found themselves cutting prices to bring shoppers through the door. While economists have established that e-commerce affected the price structure within an industry, research by Chad Syverson shows that internet traffic and online shopping have changed the actual structure of some industries as well.

By Patricia Houlihan |

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