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CoverBusiness Forecast 2010: An End to the Recession or a Stalled Recovery?

Unemployment will hover around 9.5 percent, and real housing prices will continue to drop. But faculty panelists at Business Forecast 2010 predicted economic growth in the year ahead, even as political mistrust continues to rise.

by Phil Rockrohr |

Capital Ideas: Fitting In or Starting New?

Successfully positioning the next "new thing" depends not just on the novelty of the technology, but also on whether existing labels in the market are understood, according to research by Elizabeth Pontikes.

By Vanessa Sumo |

Twenty Years of LEAD

Twenty years ago, Chicago Booth launched an experimental course on soft skills. Updated annually to keep its lessons relevant, LEAD continues to give full-time students the ability to influence peers and lead teams of coworkers.

By Patricia Houlihan |

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How Health Care Increases Human Capital

Broadening access to health care can give a long-term boost to human capital, according to research by Jonathan Guryan. Plus: Faculty on fair-value accounting, what God believes, and when to serve your best wine.

By Patricia Houlihan |

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