WTO Recognizes Ossa

Assistant professor of economics Ralph Ossa received the first WTO Essay Award for Young Economists in September. A selection panel that included World Trade Organization chief economist Patrick Low and economists from Columbia University, Stanford University, and INCAE Business School cited Ossa’s paper, “A ‘New Trade’ Theory of GATT/WTO Negotiations,” for presenting a new examination of trade cooperation within the WTO. Ossa’s work also was noted for contributing to the literature on trade agreements and generating interest for future research. Economists from more than 30 countries submitted essays for the award.—K.F.

China’s Sun Yefang Prize Awarded to Hsieh

The 2008 Sun Yefang Prize for Economic Sciences was awarded to Chang-Tai Hsieh, professor of economics; Yingyi Qian, dean of the business school at Tsinghua University; and Chong-en Ba, associate dean and chairman of the Economics Department at Tsinghua, for the paper “China’s Rate of Return on Capital,” published in 2006 in the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Administered by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the 
biennial award comes with a prize of 16,800 Chinese yuan. Hsieh has been a member of the faculty since 2008.—P.H.

Labroo Acknowledged with Early Career Award

Aparna Labroo, associate professor of marketing, received the 2009 early career award from the Society for Consumer Psychology for distinguished scientific contribution to the field. Labroo’s research focuses on the role feelings play in judgment and decision making. In 2007, she was selected as Marketing Science Institute’s Young Scholar.—K.F.


Last Updated 7/7/10