Chicago Booth Magazine Summer/Fall 2009

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Cover The 2009 Distinguished Alumni Awards

How four Chicago Booth alumni tackled government corruption, beat the market downturn, changed public education through technology, and returned a firm to employee ownership to win the 2009 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

Edited by Patricia Houlihan |

Capital Ideas: Minding the Racial Wage Gap

Economists have doubted how large a role race plays in the racial wage gap, but research by Kerwin Kofi Charles and Jonathan Guryan shows prejudice is still a significant factor.

By Vanessa Sumo |

Management Conference 2009: Management of the Markets

With markets facing an enormous challenge, Management Conference drew a record-breaking audience to hear Chicago Booth faculty discuss government’s role in economic recovery, executive compensation, and the importance of human capital. Plus: A conversation with moderator Ray Suarez, AM ’93, veteran journalist.

By Vanessa Sumo |

Faculty Digest

Why Stocks Are Risky for Long-Term Investing

Conventional investment wisdom advocates holding equities long term, but the approach is riskier than perceived, according to research by Lubos Pastor. Plus: Faculty on the housing bubble, choosing mortgage default, and how employers view layoffs.

By Patricia Houlihan |

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