Chicago Booth Magazine Winter 2009

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Winter 2009


Cover The True Believer

David Booth, ’71, thought he was going to make a life as an academic in his native Kansas. A class with Eugene Fama changed everything.

by Libby Morse | more >>

Plus: Five Minutes with David Booth and The Family Ethos

Chicago Booth Magazine Winter 2009

The Science

The company David Booth co-founded, Dimensional Fund Advisors, is grounded in the belief that markets work well—and that academic research can play a major role in a compelling value proposition.

by Vanessa Sumo | more >>

Gene Fama

The Mentor

Eugene Fama on the many rewards of successful students and watching his ideas get a real-world workout.

Interviewed by Patricia Houlihan | more >>

Dean Ted Snyder

The Conversation

Edward Snyder and David Booth talk about Booth’s firm, his ongoing ties to Chicago, and how his unprecedented gift is an affirmation of the Chicago Approach.

Edited by Melissa M. Bernardoni | more >>

Also featured: The Milestones


The Results

One puzzle with respect to the success of Dimensional Fund Advisors is that nobody has tried to imitate its business model.

By Vanessa Sumo | more >>

News Update

David and Suzanne Booth

Unprecedented Gift Will Rename Business School

David Booth, ’71, has always said that he built his investment firm, Dimensional Fund Advisors, on principles he learned at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Now he, his wife Suzanne, and their family have returned the favor by making the largest donation in the university’s history—and the largest ever to any business school.

By Libby Morse | more >>

More news update: Breaking News

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