Letter from Caroline Karr

By Caroline Karr, '88, Associate Dean for Global Affairs
Published: October 24, 2008
Caroline Karr

Image by Dan Dry

Taking the GSB Brand Around the World

When I joined Chicago Booth’s Office of Alumni Affairs and Special Events as associate dean in 2002, the capital campaign was already on its way to becoming the most successful fundraising effort in school history.

Since then, I’ve met with and befriended many fellow alumni who have shared the pride they take in the GSB, the appreciation they have for a learning experience that influenced the course of their careers and lives, and their commitment to securing the GSB’s future, which has been inspiring. I have been privileged to work with our campaign co-chairs, Andy Alper, AB ’80, MBA ’81, and Dennis Keller, ’68. We could not have achieved as much without the support they and other volunteers offered over the course of the campaign. It’s very exciting to see the campaign close — not just meeting but exceeding our goal.

It also has been a pleasure working alongside talented, dedicated, and supportive colleagues who share a commitment to the values and tradition of excellence that characterize the GSB. I am grateful both for the trust and confidence that dean Ted Snyder and the other deans have placed in me, and for the cooperation and advice of members of our faculty.

But even more than the measurable achievements of the campaign, being in a position to see how it reinvigorated the GSB community more and more each year has been a true source of personal pride and satisfaction. The campaign has made our community more cohesive, confident, and resilient. One of the added benefits was the increased involvement of alumni around the world.

Now we’re expanding the GSB’s global presence even further. I am taking up new responsibilities as associate dean of global initiatives. For generations, the GSB’s influence on market economies and business practice has been felt the world over. In my new position, I’ll be able to collaborate with others who make their homes and careers far from the shores of Lake Michigan as the GSB takes steps to expand its presence and enhance its reputation around the globe.

Finally, I look forward to hearing from you about how we can strengthen the GSB brand worldwide. If you have any ideas about how we can accomplish our goal, please feel free to email me.

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