Summer/Fall 2008


Cover 2008 Distinguished Alumni Awards

How four GSB alumni expanded health care, created new industries, mastered both investment and commercial banking, and turned red ink to 
black to win the 2008 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

Edited by Patricia Houlihan | more >>

Nicholas Epley

Capital Ideas Know What I'm Thinking?

Much of everyday behavior is directed toward understanding, responding to, or attempting to change how we are seen by the people around us, according to research by Nicholas Epley.

by Heather Caruso | more >>

Faculty Digest

Christian Broda

Who Helps Poor Americans? China and Walmart

Globalization has been blamed for income inequality in the United States, but research by Christian Broda and John Romalis shows that inequality has been unchanged over the last decade, and that cheap goods imported from China-and sold at places like Walmart-actually boost the standard of living for the poorest Americans.

By Patricia Houlihan | more >>

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