Reaffirming a Culture that Is Uniquely Chicago Booth

By  Andrew Alper, AB '80, MBA 81, and Dennis Keller, '68
Capital Campaign Co-chairs
Published: June 7, 2008

Andrew Alper and Dennis Keller

Image by Beth Rooney

When Chicago Booth launched its capital campaign in 1999 we sought your support, stressing the need to make an investment in our community. The generous response to our appeal on the part of graduates and friends of the GSB is a testament to the enduring strength and vibrancy of this community of ours. As of March 2008, contributions to the campaign exceeded our $300 million goal by $25 million.

No matter the purpose, ultimately all campaign contributions represent investments in a community, one comprising scholars, students of 68 nationalities at campuses on three continents, and more than 41,000 graduates living and working in 102 countries across the globe.

Our achievements under the campaign were many and impressive:

  1. Constructing the Charles M. Harper Center, the GSB’s Hyde Park campus;
  2. Relocating the GSB’s Europe campus from Barcelona to Woolgate Exchange in London;
  3. Adding seven endowed faculty chairs, bringing the total to 44, with commitments for 12 others;
  4. Adding 48 scholarship funds for MBA candidates;
  5. Securing funding for six faculty prizes and 14 faculty fellowships;
  6. Launching three research centers and initiatives: the Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory, the Initiative on Global Markets, and the Initiative on Growth and Operational Excellence;
  7. Increasing our endowment by 213 percent, from $153.9 million to $482.1 million.

Aside from the more tangible achievements that resulted from the campaign, we are gratified and pleased that over the course of the campaign so many graduates had occasion to renew ties with the GSB and other members of our community. With your generosity, you have reaffirmed a culture that is uniquely Chicago Booth’s, one characterized by critical thinking, diversity of opinion, the pursuit of excellence, and a belief in the transformative power of ideas.

Merely by choosing to pursue an advanced degree at the GSB, all of us tacitly endorsed a tradition that is almost uniquely American: philanthropy. John D. Rockefeller called the donation he made to found the University of Chicago his best investment ever. When you gave to the campaign, you too made a wise investment in the continuation of a 110-year-old tradition of scholarly inquiry and inspired teaching. You are in the company of more than 100,000 individuals and organizations that contributed more than $2 billion to the University’s Chicago Initiative.

While the campaign is still under way, we are already looking forward to accomplishing a next set of goals. We take pride in knowing that we can rely on your continued support.


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