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Roman Weil

Published: June 6, 2008

Roman Weil

Image by Chris Strong

“In 1984, the GSB asked me to present seminars on wine. I started gathering data and published studies like the ones in Chance magazine and the Journal of Wine Economics that say winemakers have been producing wine of such high quality that the vintage chart has been rendered obsolete. In researching wine, I have felt more like a wine professional than a consumer, although I’m still a consumer. In the last decade, I have developed a taste for German Rieslings—half the alcohol and more acid than I enjoyed as a younger man.”


Roman Weil, V. Duane Rath Professor of Accounting, was photographed by Chris Strong in his wine cellar, which holds 4,000 bottles. Weil began studying wine as a graduate student in 1964 when an economics professor he had invited for dinner asked for white wine. Weil, who had considered his bar well-stocked despite the absence of wine, decided “if professors drink wine, I’d better learn about it." -P.H.

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