Spring 2008


Cover Citizenship for Sale?

What if the United States began charging $50,000 a person for the legal right to immigrate? Nobel laureate Gary Becker, who came up with the idea, discusses it with Kevin Murphy and Robert Topel

by Patricia Houlihan | more >>

Paul Campbell

Five Minutes With Paul Campbell, '93

The vice president of Hewlett-Packard’s gaming division talks about launching the division in 2006 and what makes the industry so hot.

by Patricia Houlihan | more >>

Robert Steel

Critical Dialogues Guiding Domestic Finance

Under Secretary Robert Steel, ’84, talks with dean Edward Snyder about his work at the U.S. Treasury, the crisis in subprime lending, and the role of financial services in globalization.

By Melissa M. Bernardonimore >>

Christian Broda

Capital Ideas Improvement Goes Unnoticed

The Consumer Price Index fails to account for product innovation, according to research by Christian Broda.

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Faculty Digest

Patricia Cortes

Cheap Nannies and High-Skilled Mommies

Some suspect that immigrants get more than they give, but research by Patricia Cortes shows that the availability of low-skilled nannies let women with advanced degrees spend more time at work. Plus: Faculty research on private equity, the subprime crisis, and the economics of learning English.

By Phil Rockrohr and Patricia Houlihan | more >>

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