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Jim Schrager

Published: February 29, 2008

Jim Schrager

Image by Chris Strong

“I continue to be fascinated by how the Porsche brand was built and is maintained. It’s an interesting economic puzzle to predict the prices and, in many cases, it gives me a good chance to be humbled when I try to give advice on which models will show the greatest appreciation. Whenever this happens, I go back to my workbench. It gives me lots of time to think about the market and various forces at work.”

Jim Schrager, clinical professor of entrepreneurship and strategic management, was photographed at his warehouse in Niles, Indiana, by Chris Strong in November. Schrager has been a Porsche enthusiast since college when he and buddy bought a 1961 “in about twenty boxes” and put it back together. Since then, he’s owned dozens of Porsches, authored hundreds of articles in sports car magazines, and written two books.—M.M.B.

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