Alumni Affairs Update

Published: February 29, 2008

How Our Strategic Direction Helps You

When it comes to how the GSB enhances the value of your degree, what works?

In 2008, Dean Snyder has challenged the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development to find out what programs are effective and to continue to strengthen those that connect students and keep alumni actively engaged with the GSB.

During our evaluative year, we want to hear from you. We’re surveying all alumni, and we need your feedback to create programs that add value. This way, we can build on improvements driven by the results from our last survey in 2004.

Our mission is to develop and continually maintain a connected and engaged network of students, alumni, and friends who will help develop the reputation and positioning of Chicago GSB. Here are a few of the changes we’ve made recently toward that goal:

We are launching the Global Leadership Series in North and South America. Already highly successful in Europe and Asia, the GLS lets us channel our energies to create meaningful events with broad appeal. At the same time, we’ve drawn substantial crowds to the Business Forecast events we host in eight cities globally.

  • The annual fall gathering, Alumni Celebration, features high-level discussions like the new Charles M. Harper Road to CEO Series in addition to an opportunity to reconnect with former classmates.
  • Our alumni clubs around the world have been streamlined and provided with the kind of support that helps them offer more of the programs you want.
  • The GSB@Work program focuses on engaging alumni at their companies and finding connections between alumni, current students, and prospective students.
  • Class Agents—students in the Full-Time MBA Program—have been elected by their cohorts to serve as liaisons between the student body and the alumni affairs office. Class agents organize both casual dinners and breakfast meetings at Harper Center and Gleacher Center that allow alumni to share professional experience with small groups of students in an informal setting. This program has increased visibility of all students and provides the kind of structure that lets them have meaningful conversations with alumni.

In large part, the reason these programs have met with success is that alumni have come forward to share their time, their opinions and ideas, and their support. To keep the momentum going, we need to represent the GSB well, align with relationships that matter, close the engagement and brand gap, evaluate alumni programs and activities, strengthen the alumni/student community and network, and support the GSB’s fundraising efforts.

What Works for You?

There are five easy ways you can increase the value of your degree. The GSB lifecycle provides volunteer opportunities with all departments:

  1. Refer prospective students. As you encounter individuals who are considering business school, talk to them about Chicago GSB and direct them to our home page to learn more.
  2. Interact with current students. Volunteer to have breakfast or dinner with them when you visit Chicago, London, or Singapore.
  3. Hire GSB alumni and students. Post a job with Career Services or search for one for yourself.
  4. Attend alumni events. Visit our website to learn about what’s coming up in your city.
  5. Support the GSB Fund, which gives the GSB the flexibility to enhance the value of an MBA from Chicago.

If you have any other ideas or questions about how we can help enhance the value of your degree, feel free to email me or contact me at 773.834.4415.




Last Updated 5/14/09