Winter 2008


Cover Behind the Bling

Why blacks and Hispanics spend 30 percent more than whites on clothing, cars, and jewelry, according to research by Erik Hurst and Kerwin Charles.

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Austan Goolsbee

Campaign 2008 Presidential Candidate Advisors Say Climate, Skills Gap Top Issues

No matter who’s in the White House in 2008, professor Austan Goolsbee and Roger Altman, ’69, say the next president will face issues ranging from climate change to surging Asian economies.

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Gary Becker

Feature The Human Capitalist: Five Minutes with Gary Becker

The University Professor of Economics and of Sociology talks about his early research, why he started a blog, and how winning the Nobel Prize in 1992 changed his life.

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Juhani Linnainmaa

Capital Ideas The Limit Order Effect

Investors consistently lose money with their investment strategies. Research by Juhani Linnainmaa on the use of limit orders explains why.

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Faculty Digest

Suresh Ramanathan

Repeating Regret

People who often shop impulsively or go on binges of eating and drinking regret their behavior, so why do they repeat it? Research by Suresh Ramanathan examines the emotions behind the behavior.
Plus: Can prison be too rough on inmates? Jesse Shapiro and Steven Levitt offer two views.

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