Summer/Fall 2007


Cover The 2007 Distinguished Alumni Awards

How four GSB alumni launched firms and funds, led turnarounds, beat bubbles and recessions, and took their talents around the world to win the 2007 Distinguished Alumni Awards.

by Patricia Houlihan | more >>

Dennis Carlton

Critical Dialogues Advocating Antitrust Policy

Professor Dennis Carlton, chief economist for the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, talks with dean Edward Snyder about competition advocacy, foreign agencies, and the Supreme Court.

by Melissa M. Bernardoni | more >>

Jesse Shapiro

Capital Ideas The Economics of Pricing

Charging money for life-saving products in developing countries could lead to more intensive use—and greater benefits—according to research by Jesse Shapiro.

by Jessamine Chan | more >>

Faculty Digest

Steven Kaplan

Why CEOs Aren’t Overpaid

Despite their staggering salaries, most CEOs are paid according to market value and performance, and some may actually be underpaid, says Steven Kaplan. Plus: Could your college roommate be making you money? Andrea Frazzini looks at the link between school ties and investing.

By Phil Rockrohr and Anthony Ruth | more >>

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