Spring 2007


Cover Mind Reading, Spirituality, Happiness?

With a grant from the Templeton Foundation to the Center for Decision Research, the next generation of behaviorist faculty goes beyond conventional research topics to study “the good life.”

By Patricia Houlihan | more >>

Randall Kroszner

Critical Dialogues Setting Monetary Policy

Professor Randall Kroszner, a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, talks with dean Edward Snyder about capital regulation and the conquest of inflation.

By Melissa M. Bernardoni | more >>

Indonesian currency

Capital Ideas Transparency and Political Relationships

Foreign capital is an important financing source for emerging market firms, but research by Christian Leuz explains why few firms take advantage of it.

By Jessamine Chan | more >>

Faculty Digest

Mutual Fund managers

Measuring the Immeasurable

What do mutual fund managers know when they make a trade? Why don’t asset prices predict consumption like they should? Fischer Black Prize winner Tobias Moskowitz explains. Plus: Emily Oster on why AIDS is worse in Africa.

By Phil Rockrohr and Anthony Ruth | more >>

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