Doctoral Fellows

Pranav Jindal, PHD Candidate
Jindal is broadly interested in understanding the role of uncertainty on product choices. In joint work with professors Dubé and Hitsch, Jindal studies how consumer patience and beliefs about future product characteristics affect intertemporal choices. He is also interested in studying the role of consumer belief about product failure on the purchase of product insurance. In his dissertation research, Jindal teases out the relative importance of different risk preferences in explaining warranty choices. Jindal will join the Pennsylvania State University this summer as assistant professor of marketing.


Sara Kim, PHD Candidate
Kim's research interests are in the field of consumer behavior with a special focus on self-affirmation and consumer emotion systems. Specifically, she is interested in understanding the mechanism of self-affirmation and its influence on emotion, cognition, and behavior. She has published two papers in the Journal of Consumer Research and one in Psychological Science. She was the Booth School nominee for the Haring Symposium 2010 and the 2010 Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium. She is currently an ad hoc reviewer at the Journal of Consumer Research. In the fall, Kim will join Hong Kong University as assistant professor of marketing.


Navdeep Sahni, PHD Candidate
Before starting his PhD, Sahni worked for three years in supply chain management and market analytics. In his dissertation at Booth, he focuses on understanding the impact of persuasive techniques used by firms to influence consumers' decisions. Using field experiments, he showed the effect of online sponsored search advertising on consumer decision making and built a memory-based model of the impact of repeated advertising. This summer, Sahni will join Stanford University Graduate School of Business as assistant professor of marketing.