Building a Relationship on Shared Values

Distinguishing Booth marketers as a source of marketing strategy and part of the top ranks of the companies' future leadership, Amazon's Jennifer Boden credits Booth marketers' entrepreneurial spirit and quantitative acumen for making them exceptional leaders in a customer-focused environment.

Amazon began recruiting at Booth about five years ago, and the reason is pretty obvious: we are looking for people who are quantitatively focused with an entrepreneurial spirit - people who constantly run experiments and encourage innovation.

Booth graduates are not afraid to dive deeply into analytics. They have a good mix of strategic thinking and tactical execution, which is critical for success at Amazon.

Because Amazon’s marketing approach is strongly focused on the customer, we do not spend much time focusing on our competitors or the company. We need strategic thinkers who know how to crunch the numbers and analyze the data without losing sight of our most important goal - customer satisfaction.

Growth through Results

In the last few years, we’ve gained traction with Booth. As our demand for MBA talent grows, we have had to broaden our reach to quality MBA programs, and Booth is top of our list. We have found that Chicago Booth’s marketing students are well trained in general management and therefore make excellent leaders in the organization.

Our recruiting presence at Chicago grew even more out of recent experiences with Booth summer interns. In addition to their outstanding performance on the job, they worked to help us build an even bigger presence at the school by putting us in touch with Career Services and the Kilts Center. Their success at Amazon made us want to go even deeper and broaden our reach at Booth.

There are four distinct positions that we specifically recruit for at Booth. We hire senior business managers who own a P&L for vendors within a category of our retail. Examples of this would be Amazon’s baby store or home and garden section. Another position for which we recruit is our senior product manager role, which manages web services and products like the Kindle. We also hire senior financial analysts and pathway operations managers from Booth for their quantitative prowess and effective leadership.

Sharing Common Ground

I’ve had a couple of Booth graduates tell me that the motto at Booth is “challenge everything,” and that it is engrained into all aspects of the student experience. At Amazon, we live that motto every day. We constantly challenge our approach in order to better serve our customers.

Even the structure of Booth’s program, such as the flexible curriculum, where students guide themselves through what they want to learn and how they want to learn it, reflects the skill set that is integral to success at Amazon.

We are constantly looking at customer feedback, customer requirements, and how we can do things better. Innovation is engrained in every single thing we do at Amazon, and this is very similar to the environment at Booth.