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"Gene is, of course, a great economist. One of the highlights of my day is to find him at the lunch table since it’s sure to be a fun conversation. But he is also an incredibly thoughtful colleague. When our daughter was born, Gene was among the first to send a congratulatory email. This meant a tremendous amount to me, even if the email did read, 'My only worry is that the kid is genetically predisposed toward micro.'"

- Emily Oster
Associate Professor of Economics, Chicago Booth

"Gene is a no-nonsense guy who keeps you on your toes. He is open to discuss anything, but whatever you say, be prepared to back it up with sound reasoning and solid evidence. This attitude has set the tone at the legendary finance workshop that Gene ran for many years at Chicago. Gene is extremely generous with his time to his students and colleagues but expects them to be as dead serious about research as he is. The big lesson that Gene taught me is that a good theory ought to provide a way to organize and understand the data. When I arrived at Chicago, I was a pure theorist, but, over time, my research has shifted to a blend of theory and empirical testing and has become more relevant. I raise my glass to toast the mentor, colleague, and dear friend who has deeply influenced me personally, and, more generally, influenced the course of academic finance and investment practice and set solid foundations for research at the Booth school."

- George Constantinides
Leo Melamed Professor of Finance, Chicago Booth

"At my Goldman interview, the first question was: 'How do you like Fama's course?' I was caught off guard: I never took Fama and that was my answer. Fellow looked at me and asked, 'How could you attend Chicago and NOT take Fama?' Lesson learned: never pass up on an opportunity that is in front of you."

- Thom Waye, '96

"Many have attested to Gene's brilliant and insightful scholarship, his inspirational leadership, and his humility in the lap of greatness. I can attest to all of those things, too. Most of all, though, even in the lapse of many years of collegiality, I remember Gene as a kind and gentle man, a sympathetic soul, a loyal friend."

- Paul Carlisle Kettler, '08

"I am tremendously grateful to Gene. He is the primary reason that the Chicago Booth finance faculty is as strong as it is and such a great place to be a professor. Since I have been here, he has set the tone for the group. Every time we have had an important decision to make, Gene has always put research quality ahead of any other consideration. For someone of his stature, or anyone for that matter, he is remarkably objective and unselfish."

- Steven Neil Kaplan
Neubauer Family Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, Chicago Booth

"Gene is an exemplary colleague. Sure, he is incredibly quick and knows everything, but that is only a small part of it. The main thing is that he loves to engage with ideas and his toolkit is so broad. When he came to an applied micro workshop about health economics last spring, it was one of the highlights of my academic year. We had so much fun. Gene, remind me to send you this year’s workshop schedule."

- Jesse Shapiro
Professor of Economics, Chicago Booth

"A few weeks after Gene finished his thesis defense, he was appointed to be on my six-member thesis defense exam. After I passed, he told me privately that he was the only one there qualified to ask me questions (i.e., I learned to be confident and competitive). I also learned about competitiveness by passing the ball to Gene in our faculty-student basketball games and then watching him and Harry Roberts go head to head, neither backing away from a fight. Finally, I learned from Gene how to remain humble. Congratulations, Gene, for a fabulous career from a fellow student who ended up taking the administrator route. I have admired you for 50 years."

- Alfred N. Page, PhD '64

"Gene has been an amazing colleague. As a junior faculty member, I would often give him a copy of my new paper, thinking that, if I'm lucky, this giant will find a couple of minutes to glance at the introduction. Instead, every time, he would return a marked-up copy full of insightful comments, and he’d usually do it the very next day. What a colleague, and what a leader, in so many ways. Thank you, Gene."

- Lubos Pastor
Charles P. McQuaid Professor of Finance, Chicago Booth