LondonWhat will the next 10–15 years hold for the industry and how can market participants prepare themselves for competing and adding value?

The Future of Financial Services is an initiative based out of London, the world’s foremost international financial center, and led by Chicago Booth, the world renowned leader in research and education in finance, business, and more.

Our Initiative will aim to address the broad question of what might the financial industry structure look like in the future. Chicago Booth will serve as convener of market leaders, disrupters, and experts to discuss and debate the underlying factors shaping the future of the financial services sector.

The reports from our recent two forums are now available, "The Future of Commercial/Universal Banks in Europe" and "Marketplace Lending: The challenges and opportunities posed by alternative lenders."

Through rich discussions informed by research, academic, and market experts, we will aim to offer new perspectives and generate thought leadership that will have broad impact on the future of finance and business.

Randall Krosner

"The shock waves from the credit and sovereign crises of the last decade continue to reverberate and shift the foundations of the financial services industry. How will the industry change? Will regulation improve those foundations or prove to be an obstacle to innovation? Will existing institutions adapt and thrive or will they be outcompeted by the technological disrupters? I am delighted to be helping lead a Chicago Booth initiative in London bringing cutting-edge analysis and practice to these critical challenges that will provide rewarding opportunities to Booth Alums and other market participants in this dynamic sector."

- Randall S. Kroszner, Norman R. Bobins Professor of Economics