Chris Iglesias

Chris’s family owns and operates one of the largest Hispanic dairy production companies in the US. He saw firsthand how the company grew once his brother and cousin implemented the frameworks they had studied at Chicago Booth. Their transformation was so phenomenal that Chris was inspired to attend, and he has been continually impressed by the opportunities presented at Chicago Booth for career development in his field. Chris is also heavily involved in industry-specific groups, and his ever-expanding network already includes CEOs of multimillion-dollar firms.


Pasadena, California

Undergraduate Degree

University of Southern California
BS – Business Administration

Before Booth

Cacique USA





Student Groups

Food, Environment, Agribusiness, and Development
Hispanic American Business Students Association

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Following in the footsteps of the family for a legacy with firsthand returns
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The value of scenarios learned in LEAD can be applied wherever you go
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A roll-up-your-sleeves mentality to extract value from every single sentence
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Student groups offer a social component with real impact on the community