Sarah Press

As the cofounder and CEO of CommuniTeach, a collaborative online community that helps members learn from one another, Sarah sought to enhance her business by gaining fundamentals and entrepreneurial savvy. What she didn't expect was how the Booth faculty and alumni network proved to be the greatest asset for her start-up.


Northbrook, Illinois

Undergraduate Degree

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BA, Political Science

Before Booth

Cofounder and CEO, CommuniTeach
Associate, Bain and Company


Cofounder and CEO, CommuniTeach



Student Groups

Co-Chair, Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital (EVC)

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Booth faculty helping student entrepreneurs through introductions - with professor Steven Kaplan
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Chicago, an epicenter for entrepreneurs - with professor Steven Kaplan
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LEAD - develop your leadership style
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The virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship at Booth - with professor Steve Kaplan