Saburah Wilson

When Saburah arrived at Chicago Booth she discovered how deeply invested the school is in entrepreneurship. The buzz around students developing their enterprises through New Venture Challenge inspired Saburah to bring her own idea to the table. When she looked at her product through the Booth lens she uncovered a different way to think about her hair care line for African American women. The insight she gained through consumer research allowed Saburah to move forward with a viable business model that will see her brand through to the shelf and beyond.


Cleveland, Ohio

Undergraduate Degree

Georgetown University
BS - Marketing

Before Booth

International Creative Management
International Relief and Development
Citigroup, Municipal Sales




Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing

Student Groups

African American MBA Association
Food, Environment, Agribusiness, and Development

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Learning how to think outside the bottle helped get a new hair care line off the ground
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Push yourself beyond your comfort zone to compete on a level you never thought possible