Jen Park

Coming from a background in advertising, Jen knew she was ready for a career change, but was still undecided on the direction to take. Then, an Industry Immersion event put on by Career Services inspired Jen to look more closely at investment banking. She recalled Dean Kumar’s words that Booth is a “risk-free zone” where you can make mistakes and try different things. And in that spirit, Jen recruited for banking and now has an internship at Goldman Sachs.


Closter, New Jersey

Undergraduate Degree

Princeton University
BA - English

Before Booth



Goldman Sachs



Student Groups

Investment Banking Club
Ski Club
Epicurean Club
Wine Club

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A career switcher outside her comfort zone received support from second years
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Gain skills to best interact with classmates, study groups, and potential employers
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Tailor your learning trajectory in an environment that stimulates curiosity and active discussion
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Juggling the busy schedule of a business student with the responsibilities of life